Sales Procedure

Documents Required for Deed Processing

1. Photo
2. Original identity card
3. Tax No.
4. Photocopy of earthquake insurance
5. TC identity number

1. Photo
2. Original identity card
3. Tax No.
4. TR identity number

If the applicant is ready for the title office (together with the required information and documentation), it is possible to complete the proceedings more quickly. The methods, documents and procedures to be followed in the application are;
You must apply to the Land Registry Office directly or through your legal representative.
Please submit the original of any of these documents as it is not possible to use another certificate from the national identity card and the passport as the identity document in the title deed transactions in accordance with the legislation in force.
If at least one of the parties to the proceedings can not read or write, together with the two witnesses, if they are hearing impaired or if they do not speak Turkish, apply with a sworn translator as well as two witnesses.

The deeds to be used in title deeds are arranged as required and photographed. (Photo can not be attached and photocopied with wire staples)
You will definitely sign the documents you will sign at the registry office. In a matter of doubt, you are in doubt; You should sign with the officer or manager in charge to resolve the hesitation.

If the transaction is a company that is subject to the Turkish Commercial Code, you must apply from the trade registry office where the headquarters is located, along with the authorization certificate and signature circulars obtained in the transaction year (original or notarized).

In all operations the parties to the transaction are T.C. Present your identification number and tax identification number as proof. In cases where legal entities are parties to the transaction, the tax number of the company must be disclosed to the authorized representative of the company by T.C. Please provide your ID number.
Present the photographs of the last six months in two 6×4 houses belonging to the transferring area of ​​the transfer of property of the immovable property under the contract and the transfer of the property of the immovable property.

If one of the heirs is registered as a joint ownership (common property), you must submit an application for the full heirs and a certificate of inheritance obtained from the right of peace, in addition to the documents listed above, if the beneficiary is registered as joint property on behalf of the heirs of the immovable registered on behalf of your name.

If you have a request for the registration of immovable property registered in the name of Murisiniz together with the taxation between the heirs or the establishment of the same and personal rights upon the registration of the immovable property or the third persons, the above mentioned documents and the letter indicating that there is no inheritance and transfer tax relationship from the tax office where the last residence You must submit the original.

If you do not wish to build a floor easement for the building that you will build on your land property, Identification documents of the owners (population / passport), tax and T.C. Submit a management plan with a list of independent sections (notation can be written on it) certified by the notary public, showing identification numbers, two photographs, a general construction project approved by the municipality, floor, no, qualifications if independent sections are present, land shares and property.
If you want to convert the property of your immovable property to a floor ownership, you will firstly apply to the cadastral directorates by application and show the side façades of the building at the front and rear of the building, as well as the documents specified in (J) At least 13×18 cm size certified photos of the municipality and all independent sections of the building use permit documents.
If your immovable property is a resident of a residence or a residential business, you must submit the policy for compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK).

Documents Required for Sale

1. Title deed or photocopy
2. 1 Photo
3. Identity Card + 1 Copy Photocopy
4. T.C. Identification number
5. Tax ID Card (Original and 1 Copy)
6. Real Estate Tax Receipts
7. Residence Address and Telephone
8. Kooperatife Borcu Yoktur Kağıdı
9. Power of Attorney for Attorneys (For Real Estate Agent)

1. 2 Photos
2. Population + 1 Copy Photocopy
3. T.C. Identification number
4. Tax ID Card (Original and Photocopy)
5. Residence Address and Telephone
6. Power of attorney for follow-up of deed transactions
7. Various Details about Operations

It is necessary to make sales of real estates offically. This means that the parties must sign the formal contract in front of the title officer.

The officer examines the submitted documents, calculates the fees on the basis of the reported sales value and prepares the required receipts if it does not find any legal inconveniences. After the fees are paid, the official bond is prepared for sale, signed and read in the presence of the Land Registry Director. If one of the parties can not read or write, it is read before two witnesses, the fingerprint of the person and the statement of the witnesses.

In the cases mentioned above, the workers in the tapestry can not witness. Witnesses and interpreters need to be able to read and write, to have the power of appeal and to be a minor. After signing the Title Deed Director, he takes the title deed and the transaction is completed.

What is Real Estate Sales Voting Contract?

The contract is a contract sales promise agreement between the buyer and the seller, including notifications of promises and commitments of the parties to the land registry officer to sell the immovable property to the seller at a price determined by the parties, and to buy and pay for the immovable property. It is a preliminary agreement on the actual sale to be made in the future. Notaries are authorized to organize the “Real Estate Sales Promise Contract”. The sales promise agreement that is notarized is valid.

It is necessary to comment on the title. However, the buyer may not want to make the original sales unilaterally based on the sales promise contract. The seller must also participate in this transaction otherwise the buyer may request registration on behalf of the court.

The personal rights annotated in the title deed can be claimed against third parties.
The rights and obligations of the Parties shall be clearly stated in such a way as not to cause any hesitation and in the form of payment and payment of the immovable property.
The photographs of the parties to the contract must be affixed and sealed by a notary public.

Penalties may be imposed in case of cancellation of the parties’ wishes
Commentary may continue for five years. After five years, there is no provision and suggestions can be made publicly. However, if the sale of the property on the immovable property has exceeded the period of 5 years and the sale has not been made in favor of the sale, the sale of the immovable property on the request of the property owner will not be waived without the consent of the beneficiary. The deposit on the immovable with the education of the mortars is abandoned. The promise of sale as the leave the commentary must be notified to the beneficiary.

Antalya Land Registry and Cadastre VI. Regional Directorate